Questions and Answers (Phoenix)

After killing the minotaur, I whistled shrilly and Comet swooped down and landed next to me.

"Good girl. I'll explain to dad why the sudden leave ok? I'll take the blame." I mounted and a golden bridle and reins materialized in my hands. You better. He's always mad whenever I take off like that. "You won't get into trouble I promise! Let's just get back to camp and I'll call my dad in the mean time." Pulling out my cell, I dialed home.

"Hello?" I heard my half brother Triton on the other end.

"Can I talk to dad?"

"No. Bye!"

"I'll call your girlfriend and tell her about what you do in your spare time!" I threatened. His girlfriend was actually pretty nice. Sometimes she invited me to go see a movie or something.

"Ok fine here he is." Triton unwillingly gave the phone to my dad.

"What was it this time that made Comet fly off in such a hurry?" I could tell my dad's expression even though we weren't looking at each other.

"New camper, minotaur."

"Ah ok. Well I expect her back before sunset."

"Don't worry! We're almost back at camp! Love you dad! Bye!" I shut my phone as we landed at camp. I gotta run. I mean fly. Whatever. "I know. Go ahead." I slid off and Comet took off at a run.

"Why did you take so long?" Jenna ran up to me.

"Uh, first I had to kill the minotaur, then I had to wait for Comet to come back, then we had to fly back. I'm fine. Did you drop off the camper?"

"Yes. Is it hard to kill monsters?" Jenna and I started walking towards the cabins as the sunset started.

"Not when you get used to it. But you have to train for a few years first. Don't worry, I know you'll be able to do it! See ya at dinner." I patted her on the back then went into my cabin.

The End

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