Hey (Phoenix)

"Jenna. Nice name." I looked over at her. "Do you want me to tell you about something that completely bugs Percy that I was inspired to make from your brothers? You'd love it."

"Sure." She looked at the lake that was sparkling.

"I know how to make explosive hot dogs." I grinned mischeviously.

"No way!" She looked at me shocked. "You're kidding!" I shook my head.

"I'm not kidding. And I'm not done in making Percy suffer." I looked in the direction of the beach.

"What do you mean suffer?" She was still looking at me.

"I mean, that Percy and Annabeth are dating and he flirted with another girl. Her mom hates Percy and me. My dad dislikes Annabeth. For some reason, he doesn't mind Jessica...." I began to get thoughtful.

"Who's Jessica?" She picked up a twig and snapped it in two.

"My best friend. She's an Athena kid as well. Maybe my dad doesn't mind her because she will probably never become his daughter-in-law." I shook my head a little and looked at Jenna. "So what's your story?" Right after I asked the question, Chiron came over to tell us to go pick up a new camper.

"Ok, we can do that." Jenna stood and started walking towards the camp border.

"Sure. Let's go." I stood and called to Jenna. "We could probably get a ride from Apollo! He's headed over in that direction anyway!"

After arriving, we were about to aproach the halfblood when a minotaur attacked. I yelled one word.


The End

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