Ami is Finally Defeated.

I watched as Grover beat Percy. Percy has definitily lost his touch. I smiled. Annabeth was completely upset when I told her Percy was flirting with another girl. She told me to give him a whooping of a lifetime. I walked over to Percy.

"Hey Percy! Up for a challenge?" I smiled at him.

"Of course, little sis. Winner has to battle Ami." Percy was always trying to beat me. He just never learns.

"Alright Seaweed brain." I then walked to Ami. "Hey Ami! Percy is going to battle with me and the winner has to battle you! You want to?"

"Totally!" Her eyes twinkled mischeviously.

"Alright." I shrugged. "Let's go to the arena. Shall we?" Percy was already there when we arrived.

"Winner takes on Ami!" Percy reminded me.

"Let's get started!" Percy advanced on me. He swung Riptide, his sword, trying to cut me. I parried and hit his sword hand while kicking him extra hard in the chest. He fell. Riptide landed in my hand. Percy had lost, again, to a girl. I handed Percy his sword and turned to Ami. "Looks like you'll be fighting me now."

"Bring it on." She was moving quickly around me, trying to disorient me. She struck with her sword. I blocked and kicked her in the chest while hitting her sword out of her hand. I caught her sword, like I did with Percy's, as she fell to the ground.

"Keep training and someday you might beat me." I helped her up.

"How did you learn that." She looked questioningly at me while rubbing her head where she had bumped it.

"I learned swordplay underwater, it's harder there." I put my sword away into my bracelet, a gift from my dad. I handed Ami her sword. "See you around camp kid." I walked to my cabin to talk with my dad, something I did every day.

The End

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