Embarrassed Much?

(I'm writing as Grover in this chapter, just to not confuse you)

I watched as Ami went over to Jenna, dumbstruck. I touched my hand to my cheek, and the other to the pendant round my neck. My cheek felt like it was burning. I laughed inwardly. Percy started to tease me. "Grover's got a girlfriend, Grover's got a girlfriend!" he chanted in my ear. I laughed and hit his arm. Ami came back over to us with Jenna. She told her to stick with us, and showed me and Percy the name chart. Wait...Ami was with me?! Aw hell. I'm gonna get teased to death.

I watched Percy and Ami swordfight and flirt. I rolled my eyes as Percy lost. I gave Percy a short match, easy. Then is was me against Ami. Interesting.... I snorted as she said she'd go with his deal if Percy shut up for the day. We began. She was sly as a foz and fast as a striking viper. How could a girl as 'delicate' and 'innocent' know how to swordplay so well. She finally beat me, holding Belleza to my neck. She pulled away from me, smiling cheekily. Percy's sister came up behind him, and had a go for flirting.

When she and Jenna went away, Ami pouted and folded her arms. "What?" asked Percy. She gave a little smile, then pouted again. "I've got no one to flirt with now!" she moaned. I laughed. She was a sweet gal, even if she was a bit of a cheeky flirt. I ruffled her hair again. "Don't worry. There's plenty of guys here!" I whispered in her ear.

She stuck both arms up. "Woo!" she yelled, making a few heads turn. Ami waved, and ran after Jenna. I shook my head slightly, watching after the two smiling girl's. Percy leaned his head on my shoulder from behind. "Somebody has a crush on Ami De-tous." he whispered. I hit him round the head. "Ow!" he yelled, again turning a few heads.

"Ami De-tous...hmm. That's French for 'friend of all' isn't it?" I thought to myself. I heard a shout from afar. Ami came tearing past us into the camp's hospital cabin. I followed them. A guy was laid on a bed, gray-skinned and eyes slightly open, but not seeing. I watched as Ami raided the cabin. She pulled out a bottle of dittany flower oil, a spring of lavender and a...foxglove? The nurse was by the boy's side, checking his temprature and breathing. My attention went to Ami. She was sat on the floor crushing the lavender. She dropped in 14 drops of dittany oil, and a tinny drop of foxglove.

She gave it a mix, then went to the boy. She tipped it slowly into his mouth, and rubbing his throat to get him to swallow. I was confused. The boy let out a guttural breath, then flickered his eyes open. Ami washed her hands of the foxglove, and went over to him. "Poisoned by a frog that lives usually in the forest near my home, along with a few other woodlands.  He must have touched it somehow. It's quite lethal if you touch it for too long. He should be well by tomorrow morning." She told them. The nurse seemed flustered. I smiled. Our cabin would be the healthiest with Ami in it. Ami left by the door. Chiron almost bumped into her. "What's going on here? I heard someone was injured." he said.

"A kid got poisoned bya frog, and Ami gave him a remedy that saved him." I told him. Chiron gave a small smile to Ami, and went into the hospital cabin. Ok, recap please! Ami is flirty, genorous, kind, great with a sword, and knows how to cure poisoned people. Anything I missed? I laughed as Ami smiled sheepishly at me. "Nice one." I chortled to her. She grinned.

The End

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