The Warning...

"Oh and Percy...your sister is behind you." Jenna said, just as I poked him in his only weak point. He didn't exactly tell me where it was, but I admit, I read his journal. I hang out with Travis and Connor ok? Percy shouted with pain and fell over.

"Percy do you realize that when I tell Annabeth you've been flirting with another that she will wring you neck and I will enjoy it!?" I never realized it was so fun yelling at him. Wait, yes I did. "I'm calling dad!" I pulled out my cell phone.The girl that had taken the battery of Ami's leaped at mine. She grabbed it and tried to take the battery out. Little did she realize that I have a security system on mine and it shocked her.

"Ouch! Why did it do that? Where's the battery anyway?"  I looked questioningly at her.

"Why do you ask? That's a blueberry and it's a special half-blood phone made for half-bloods so it doesn't do what most phones do. My dad made it for me and it took me half a year just to find the right parts." I took my phone back. "It doesn't run on a battery anyway. It runs on water. Just like water skiers!" I looked at Percy again, and gave an evil smile. "Don't worry, I'll visit you in the underworld." I walked toward the Athena cabin.Percy yelled, "Hey, isn't it locked?" I just held up some keys.

"Don't forget Percy, I know every Olympian god there is! You know I go to the solstice meetings." And with that last comment thrown over my shoulder, I unlocked the cabin and walked in.

The End

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