I was standing behind a tree watching the three and began wondering what Annabeth would do if she saw Percy flirting with Ami. When her cell phone rang I walked over and took it from her and said "If you're going to talk to your dad you might as well use a different phone before we have monsters surrounding the camp." I took the battery out of the phone and put it in my pocket.

"Hey! What did you do that for?!" Ami exclaimed quite annoyed at me for doing what I just did.

"Cell phones are like monster magnets. Use them and it's like sending up a flair saying "Here I am! I'm a half-blood trying to commit suicide!" so I'm telling you before anything bad happends. Of course monster won't be able to get past the magical boundries but we don't want to risk it." I turned and began to walk away. "Oh and Percy.... Your sister is behind you."

The End

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