My God. I Can't Believe She Beat Me!

"WHAT?! I can't believe I got beaten by a girl!" Percy moaned. I giggled. I watched him take on Grover. Slash, slash, parry, block, dodge, parry, parry, swipe, lunge! Grover jabbed Percy tightly in the tummy. He rubbed it, and sat down, folding his arms and pouting. I began to circle Grover playfully.

"Hey! Let's have a bet!" Percy exclaimed. Grover and I faced him. "Oh God, be ready to be humiliated by Percy." Muttered Grover. I gave a giggle, and leaned on Belleza. "If Grover wins, you have to be his slave for the rest of the day, and vice verse. Ok?"

"Yeah, and if I win, Grover's my slave for the day, and you have to shut up for the rest of the day." I muttered in Grover's ear. He gave a splutter of laugher, and smiled. "You've got yourself a deal." He said, shaking my hand. I smiled. I threw off my long cloak. I moved around, still in bare feet. I kept my eyes locked with Grover's moving gracefully and slowly. Grover copied my movements. I lunged forward, and we began. The fight was fast and furious, and went on for about ten minutes.

I pressed Belleza against Grover's sword, then span it. His sword flew out of his hand. I grabbed his shoulder, pulled myself close, and held Belleza to his throat, smiling. "Damn." He said softly. I giggled.

"You gonna beg for mercy, or am I gonna slice ya open and turn you into pasta?!" I laughed. I pulled away, put Belleza down, and monkey-scrubed Grover''s head. He gave a laugh, and ruffled my hair. "Your not to bad at swordplay, for a new halfblood." he smiled. I grinned, then it faded as my phone rung in my pocket.

"Crap! It's my dad! What shall I do?!?" I exclaimed.

The End

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