Oh! Hey...

I walked around, taking in the surroundings. A few guys, a few girls here and there. I walked back a step, and bumped into someone. I jumped, and I heard the person fall. I turned, offering out my hand, then almost pulled back in surprise. Grover had already gotten up. He offered his hand. I shook it rather shyly. "Um..I...just wanted to say thank you for saving me. I am my father's youngest daughter. I shall ask him to rewrd you if I return home. He is a bit pushy, but then again, I'm not surprised. He's been lorded recently."

Grover went slightly red. "Uh..no one's actually thanked me before. And no need to get your dad to reward me." He said sheepishly. I giggled. I put my hand i my pocket, and pulled out the obsidian skull that was my lucky charm. I tied it round his neck, an pecked his cheek. I jogged over to Jenna, and laughed as I saw Grover place one hand to the pendant, and one to his cheek. Jenna waved to mme. I told her about what had just happened. She laughed, and high-fived me. I walked past, and I saw Percy nudge Grover, and teased him about the pendant, and I snuck up behind him. He jumped. He drew a sword from nowhere, and I placed my sword on his. I gave a little grin. I put her back in her shath.

I put a pimple of my toungue out, and winked at Percy and Grover. Percy just laughed. I rolled my eyes, and walked on. Jenna pushed the clipboard into Grover's hands, and jabbed at my name. He raised n eyebrow, and shrugged. "How come she's with me?" He asked.

"I dunno. who's writing is it?" Jenna asked.

"I dunno."

"Percy?" Jenna asked hopefully. Percy shrugged. Jenna sighed. She turned, and walked to me. "Stick with Grover 'nd Percy. Try to keep eachother out of trouble. And no teasing the boys." she said with a slight smile. I put a shocked expression on my face. "Ask if I would! I'm the little angel!" I said. Jenna walked off. "Yeah, more like good girl gone bad. Now let's have some fun." I muttered with a smile. I drew my sword, and challanged Percy. He grinned.

Jab! Parry! Jab! Slash! Parry Parry! Block! I found an opening, and put my sword near his side. "Touche. You learn fast, babe." He laughed. I gave a little salute, and winked. "I love flirting with you. You don't spoil my fun." I giggled. Percy winked back.

"Hey! Go again, loser fights Grover." I said. Percy clicked his fingers, then his toungue. He gave me the thumbs up. We began to sword fight.

The End

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