Who I Am and Who My Family Is.

I shouldered my pack as I walked into camp. It was my fourth year, at camp that is. As I walked towards the Big House to check in with Chiron, I began to think about my life and family.

I had known I was a half-blood since I could remember. My dad is Poseidon, the sea god. I grew up in his palace under the sea and knew my way around. My oldest half brother (emphasis on half) is named Triton. He’s a cry baby. He thinks he’s the favorite of all Poseidon kids, just because he’s the heir to the throne of the sea. My second oldest brother (I have no sisters by the way.) is Percy. I don’t have much to say about him because all I ever do with him is dual with swords, save his life, and play pranks on him. I hang out with Hermes kids a lot. My last brother (who is still older than me.) is Tyson. He’s a Cyclops, but still young. He’s still a nice kid, you just got to get used to him. Finally, there’s me. My name is Phoenix Rainstorm. I’m twelve years old but still can beat Percy in a sword dual. The first time I came to Camp Half-blood when I was eight, no one knew where I had come from. Instead of being scared and confused, I just picked up my pack after telling Chiron I had come and headed toward the Poseidon cabin.

“Oomph!” I was so absorbed in my thoughts that I bumped into a girl that looked a great deal like a person I knew. “Sorry.” I say and quickly keep going on to my cabin. Hmm. I wonder if that was the girl that Hermes told me to find. Shaking my head I walked into my cabin.    

The End

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