Percy had left just before the girl woke up and Chiron trotted up next to me. When the girl did wake up she looked startled at Chiron and he just walked away. I watched him walk away then smiled at the girl.

"Welcome to Camp Half-Blood." I said

"Camp What?"

"Half-Blood." I said. Goodness I wasn't really used to explaining something like this. "Can you walk?" She nodded and got out of bed. Together we walked out of the big house and saw Chiron talking with Percy and Annabeth. They turn when they heard us coming.

"That's Percy" I said pointing at the darked haired boy. Percy waved "That's Annabeth." Annabeth smiled then I pointed to Chiron the white centar "and that's Chiron the activities director." the girl looked around not sure what to think. "I'm Jenna."

"What's your name?" Annabeth asked

The End

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