A Little Tickle

I frowned as I came to, and felt my hair tickle my face, and someone slide it away. I opened my eyes, to see a girl above me. I put my hand to my head, and shook myself awake. I propped myself up. The girl, and the centaur stood beside my bed, the girl smiling, the centaur not. Wait. The centaur. I fell off the bed backwards. The girl stiffled a laugh. The girl helped me up. I smiled. The centaur scared me, and he could tell it. He rolled his eyes, handed a clip board to the girl, and trotted off. I raised an eyebrow.

I put my head in my hands, and recapped all that had happened. I gulped. I stood, stretched, and smiled at the girl. She grinned back at me. I sat back down, and thought to myself. The girl looked down at the clip board. She frowned. "Says here your supposed to be with Grover." she groaned. She complained about not having specific details. She showed me. while people on the list had cabin names, beside my name, Ami De-tous (how did it get there?), was scrawled 'with Grover' in untidy writing. Grover. My savior. I  hadn't thanked him.

Then, some people introduced themselves to me. Annebelle, Percy, Jenna, and the centaur, Chiron. I gulped. They asked me my name. I pointed to the board, unable to speak. What was wrong with me? Why did I have to be shy now, of all times?

The End

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