Another New Camper

I had of course been in the arena when Percy walked over and said that there was another new camper. After Chiron had talked to Ema he took her to give her a tour of the place.

"Wow. Another one. Didn't we just find Ema yesterday?" I asked smiling as I put my sword back on my bracelet. Percy nodded

"Yeah and she fainted aswell." He smiled at the thought. I walked over to Percy and together we walked to the big house where this new girl was laying.

She was still unconscience and next to her lay a sword. I picked it up and examind it. "This is a pretty good sword." I put the sword back down then looked at the girl. "I wonder what she'll think when she wakes up." I laughed remembering my first day here and I thought this was just a hoax. I brushed her hair out of her eyes.

The End

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