The Youngest and Most Innocent....she says with irony

I laid in bed, staring in the darkness. A light in the hall, illuminating the mirror. I smiled. I sat up, and got out of bed. I checked the time. 5am. I yawned, stretched, and turned my light on. I sat down at the mirror. Whoever was in charge of making people look good, they made me well. 

I had soft blue eyes, and the pigment of the iris twisted and swirled inside like smoke. My black silky hair came down to my slim waist, for which everyone at school was envious of. My lips were as red as roses, and redder than the breast of the robin. My skin was fair and white, unlike the rest of my family's which was dark.

I smiled, and brushed my hair. My parents were quite wealthy, and I had all sorts of beautiful clothing. Most of it was too heavy and glittery for me. I like simpler stuff. I went to my wardrobe, and pulled out a pretty top and trousers. The top was tightly fitted, and lilac with black lace trimming the sleeveless arm holes and hem. The trousers were faded blue ones. I smiled. I packed a few things in my back pack, and pulled on y black cloak, and pulled up the hood.

I opened the window wide, put my back pack on, and made sure I hand tight grip of Belleza, my sword, and I jumped from my window, onto the lower window ledge, then to the fence, then the mossy grass on the others side. I walked out and into the forest. I smiled to myself. The moon would be new, and I would be the first to see it. My parents didn't approve of my religious decision, but they didn't mind. I bowed to the moon, and made a wish, that would come true by the time of the next new moon.

"I wish for an adventure." I whispered. The wind stroked my cheeks, and the rain kissed my cheeks. I ran to my little shelter, and sat underneath. I smiled as I listened to the rain. She shook her head. She was the youngest child, and no one knew that she snuck out every morning at 5am. She acted the most innocent out of the lot too. I giggled to myself, then pressed myself flat against the tree. A large dog, at least the size of a horse, was growling at me. As it came closer, it grew and grew, becoming the size of a small house.

I clutched Belleza to my chest. I unsheathed her, and swiped at the dog. It howled, and backed away, throwing it's head. I got up, and lunged forward, getting the monster in the chest. It howled again, and it giant body fell towards me. I gasped, and clenched my eyes closed. It didn't hit me. I opened an eye. A handsome boy, and bit older that me, was pushing against it. "Move it or lose it!" he said struggling. I scrambled up, and he let the body fell. He wiped his brow. "Welcome to the world of the halfbloods." He smiled. I was still in shock. I couldn't move. Then I realized I was waist deep in quick sand.

"Damn. Something had to go wrong." the dark haired boy muttered. He took hold of my hands, and pulled. I came flying out. I picked up Belleza, and smiled at the boy. "Jeez, three missions for me in one day! Ain't I lucky?" he laughed. I was confused. from the forest, and centaur came walking out. I gulped. I pressed a little closer to the boy with his arm over my shoulder. He had saved me. The centaur came to me. "Hey Grover." he said. The boy next to me, Grover, nodded his head. The centaur looked at me. "This is her?" he asked. I gulped as Grover nodded. Was I in trouble? Or was it something good?

"Heh, she hasn't fainted yet. She doesn't look like a fainter. Are you a fainter?" asked Grover. I could only stutter. I clutched Belleza to me. Darkness clouded my vision, and I fell into blissful oblivion as I fell unconscious.

The End

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