New Camper

I quickly grabbed Ema before she hit the ground then Blackjack and two other pegasi flew over and we mounted them. Ema laid in front of me and we flew back to camp. It was amazing how much I had gotten used to this crazy stuff in just like a week. We reached camp and Percy went to tell Chiron we were successful while me and Annabeth took Ema to Cabin 11. (or my cabin that I shared with my many sibilngs) We laid her down in an empty bunk and left her to rest for now. I went to the river and sat there wondering how my mom, step-dad, and siblings were doing. I prayed that they weren't worried sick about me since I hadn't called yet. I wasn't really sure how I could tell them what was going on so I had put it off.

Later I went back to the Hermes cabin to check on Ema. She had woken up and was sitting on the bed.

"Hey Ema." I smiled as I walked over to her. I think I startled her cause she jumped and turned around then relaxed.

"Hey" she said quietly

"I'm Jenna" I said just realizing that I hadn't told her my name yet. "Welcome to Camp Half-Blood." I said not knowing any other way to put it.

"What?" she asked confused.

"I'll let the others explain that to you." I said cause I had no idea of what to say since I was new here myself. Ema nodded and I lead her to the big house to introduce her to Chiron and Mr. D.

The End

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