My First Mission

We ran when we heard a scream. Earlier that day I had just been doing the only thing that kept me busy when I wasn't doing anything else. Practicing my swordsmanship. Then Percy came over and said that he and Annabeth were going on a mission and that they wanted me to come. So here we were now running toward the place where we heard the scream. We arrived and saw a minotar running toward a girl who wasn't much younger that we were.

"Alright then. Annabeth you get the girl to safety." Percy began giving out orders "Jenna you distract him while I go in for the kill." I nodded nervously pulling out my sword. My sword was sort of like Percy's pen only it was the charm on my bracelet that my dad had given me. (My real dad). I ran in front of the girl and said "Hey you! I'm right here come and get me!" I ran after that and thankfully (well not really but at least it got him away from the girl) he followed me. The minotar began to catch up and I thought I was a gonner until Percy charged off to the things right and got it. It evaporated and we saw Annabeth farther down the road with the girl next to her.

"Are you guys okay?" Percy asked once they made if over us.

"I think so." I said still shaking Percy smiled

"Don't worry about it. You did great." he said and I had to smile.

"So what's your name?" I asked the girl who looked up at us warrily "Don't worry your safe now." I new exactly what she was feeling. I think we all did.

The End

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