Life as a Half-blood

If you like the Percy Jackson books then you should have fun here. The steps for this story are: Make your character, Tell us your story of how you found out you were a halfblood. You are aloud to invole people like Percy, Annabeth, Grover, Juniper, Chiron, and any other character from the books you like. But you have to have your own made up character.

Well this is is let me just say that being a half-blood can be both exciting and terrifying. Well my story begins as I was walking to the movies with my friends...

Well first I better tell you a bit about me. My name's Jenna. I'm 15 years old and I have light brown hair and blue eyes. I was practically like anyother girl except for the fact that I was a master of theft. I didn't know where that part came in cause my mom and step-dad were completly normal people with normal jobs. My mom was a teacher and my step-dad was a police officer. So you can imagine how my step-dad acted when I had stolen an iPod from Wal-mart. But don't get me wrong it was a pretty cool iPod. You could do like anything... Oh right sorry. Let me get back to what I was saying before that.

So as I said earlier me and my friends were walking to the movie theaters when I found out who I really was. There we were minding our own business when sudden this big guy with a club came charging at us and I swear he only had one eye but I couldn't be sure. So there we were my friend Taylor was screaming her head off and ran down the street with my other friend, Wendy while the giant freak cornered me in an ally. Talk about the most scariest memory ever! Then just when I thought I was done for suddenly a boy appeared in front of it. The dark haired boy pulled out a pen.

First thought at that: What is he going to do with a pen? Then it suddenly became a sword. Second thought: Okay really weird. Then I heard a voice next to me "Come on." suddenly a girl with blond hair and gray eyes appeared next to me. "Let's get you out of here." she whispered. I only nodded cause I was too scared to even speak.

While the boy fought off the giant the girl and me snuck out. Once we were accrossed the street the girl told me to stay there. After that said she ran back and vanished again after putting on a Yankees hat. A couple seconds after she did the giant thing suddenly burst into sparks and disappeared. This was turning out to be the weiredest day ever. The girl reappeared and hugged the boy. All three of them then walked over to me. It was the boy who spoke next.

"Hey there. You alright? Cyclop's can be prettly aggressive." he smiled "I'm Percy and these are my firends, Annabeth." the girl waved at me. Me? I was still too stunned to trust my mouth or actions. "What's your name?" finally after a little while I found my voice.


"Well Jenna. Welcome to the life of a half-blood." said Annabeth stuffing her Yankees hat into her pocket. My confusion showed on my face. and Percy said calmly "We'll explain everything later. Right now we're going for a trip." Just as he finished speaking... I couldn't believe my eyes... Two pegasi landed right next to us. One of them was pure black. The two mounted the horses then the girl held out her hand to me after she had mounted the other one. She noticed my hesitation.

"It'll be alright. Come on." she prompted. Finally I gave in and got on the pegasus. I clunge to Annabeth's waist as soon as they took off. Once we were airborn though it wasn't so bad. It was amazing. I kept telling myself that this was a dream and I was going to wake up in my bed to the smell of my mom's Iceland Pancakes. Then we landed at a campground. There were a lot of cabins and some were still being built. I followed the two to a big barnhouse. The two whispered something then Percy went inside. He returned a few minutes later followed by an elderly man in a wheel chair.

"Welcome Jenna, to Camp Half-Blood.I'm Chiron the activies director." Just as he said that they all turned and looked above my head. I looked up as well and a sign of what I didn't know was there. After it faded Chiron smiled at me "Well Jenna it appears you are the daughter of Hermes." I just laughed and they all stared at me.

"Wow you guys are great at comedy. Seiriously! You should go on TV." I stopped laughing after I saw that they were still staring at me. And they totally didn't look like they were trying to crack a joke. "Your kidding right?" I asked Chiron shook his head.

"No we're not. I know it will be hard to get used to but you have to believe us." just then he got out of his wheel chair and seem to grow. When I saw the white horse body I just about fainted. I would've fallen if Annabeth hadn't caught me.

"You're a centar?" I asked dumbfounded. Chiron smiled at me and turned to Percy.

"You and Annabeth better make sure she makes it to Cabin 11." Percy nodded and I followed them once again only this time they lead me to one of the cabins. We entered the cabin and two boys that looked identical greeted us so I could tell of course that they were twins. There were other kids in the cabin as well and well I'm going to have to say that they all looked like they were family.

"Hey Travis. Hey Conner." Percy said.

"Why hello cousins. What brings you here on this beautiful day?" said either Travis or Conner I wouldn't be able to tell. Annabeth shrugged.

"Only that we have a new member in the family." she said pointing at me. Family? Cousins? The boys smiled at me.

"Welcome. What's your name?"

"Jenna." I said for the second time that day.

"Well Jenna you've got a life of adventure now. I'm Conner and this is my brother Travis." After that Percy and Annabeth left me with the twins. They got me settled in a bunk then they led me on a tour around camp. Then later Chiron introduced me to Mr. D the camp director. I didn't really like him that much. And so that's how my life started as a demigod. I began learn how to use a sword and soon after a while I was able to best Percy in a duel. Kids kept saying that it was cause I was releated to Luke. Whoever that was. I kept trying to ask Annabeth but everytime I did she'd change the subject so I dropped it. Once again that is how my new life started. 

The End

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