October 24th, 1764

My father always said that reigning demands a certain level of detachment. That to be a leader, you had to stop being yourself, and start being the man that the people wanted. He tried to turn me into the man that he wanted. Perhaps this is true, and I am the exception, but I've found nothing to support this. 

All that talk to dissuade me from pursuing the arts has had absolutely no impact, and through my patronizing, the arts still thrive today. I have commissioned masterpieces, fostered musicians, and helped architects erect magnificent buildings that have become a symbol of the beautiful nation we have become. With the arts serving as a bedrock foundation, we have built our home to be a thriving creative center.

And my fascination with literature and philosophy has not been quelled either. I've been deeply involved with several prominent philosophes, who have helped me realize this country's true path. In particular, I've started an amicable correspondence with a man who goes by the pen name of Voltaire.

I've admired his philosophical ideas from a very young age, and even invited him to my own court in order for him to escape political pressure from France for a couple of years. Unfortunately, this was not a wise move on my part, and having my correspondent with me in court strained our relationship. As I started to become a versed in the world of war, a rift developed between us. A friendship squandered over several differing views. 

The one thing i'll have to give my father is that he was right about war. War is essential to running a country. For example, the first thing I did when I took control was instigate one. Funny thing is, war is kind of like an art form in itself. I  reclaimed some of the Austrian lands such as Silesia, and reconsolidated this nation behind a strong military. Through careful and  meticulously planned tactics, I've helped rise Prussia to be one of the big powers of Europe. So I guess my father got something right.  

The End

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