First Address to the People (Rough Draft)

Prussia stands on the precipice of revolution. It is foolish to believe anything of the contrary. I can feel it pumping through the nation, bleeding through the words you all share with one another. Do not fear, for I feel your discontent, and sense your hope. You all want something better to believe in, and rest assured that change is coming. But we cannot reach this alone, not without someone to guide us there. 

No longer can we live in the times of old. In a feudal, brutish and primitive society where lives mean nothing. The great people of this country deserve more then this. And I am meant to lead you to this promised land. It is my duty and responsibility to bring you to  happier and more meaningful lives.

That is why I am your king. 

But being king does not carry any inherent advantages. I am still one with you all, as I have always been. I have eaten, conversed, laughed, and lived with you all for 28 years, and my ascent to the throne does not discontinue that. I am, and always will be a servant of the state. A leader of the people.

Not again shall someone conform to a religion other then their own because they were afraid of death otherwise.

Not again shall someone fear speaking out, for it is in discussion where we find improvements in ourselves.

I will be an absolute ruler. I make no attempts to mask this. I will run this country with an iron fist. But this fist will not press you under it's weight and suffocate you. No, it will shield you from danger, and carry you to the new world. All that I demand is your complete support and trust, and I shall deliver you the Prussia that I promise. It is time to turn our focus here, and build a country strong and loyal to make future generations proud. 

Thank you.

The End

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