May 31st, 1740

Life has a funny way of balancing it's books. Good or bad doesn't matter at the end of the day. You'll find yourself right back where you were, hoping that you end it on a high note yet again. Fortunately for me, there's no one to ensure that this is the last note I play. Let's start off with the bad news.

We never made it out of Prussia. Hans and I were captured fleeing to Great Britain, and were accused of attempting to depose the current King. We were both convicted for treason, but being the crown prince held certain legal benefits. I was pardoned by my father, but Hans wasn't so lucky. He was executed, and my punishment was to be in the audience, watching. Honestly, I think that I would have preferred death instead. 

Now for the good news. The world is short one more father as of today, and that means the cold eyes that were constantly staring me down have finally shut. I no longer have the voice breathing down my neck and whispering orders on what to do. 

But the void left by that constant authority is filled by newfound responsibility. I'm the king now, and all the expectations that come with it are now mine. Suddenly, everything my father has been pushing me towards is finally within sight.

This is the time where i'm expected to follow my father's legacy. But with him gone, I'm free to rule however I want.

I've been thinking a lot about the writings I read when I was younger from several Philosophes. People like Voltaire, who were so forward-minded in a world that wouldn't allow it. So ahead of their time that they imagined a world that wasn't ready for them. Well, I think there's more then just a couple grains of truth to be found in it. And now that I'm ruler, i'll embrace it, just like father wanted. 

But unlike father, i'm looking toward the future. A future so far removed from the past, but yet within our children's grasp. It's time to bring Prussia together, and rise up together as one. 

The End

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