January 24th, 1730

Today is a cold day. We're now knee deep into the thralls of Prussian winter, and there's no turning back now. 

But with winter comes the promise of spring, and hope for change and rebirth. I can only hope for change. That's why today matters. That's why whatever happens today will change everything. I'm running away today.

I know what you're thinking.

Why would you want to run away? You're a noble born of the most cherished position imaginable, you are Friedrich, the Crown Prince. The amount of power and respect that you've had the miracle to be born into is nearly incomprehensible to most. People would do absolutely anything to be where you are, and you just want to run away from it all? 

Well, before you all decide to charge me with treason, let me explain why. 

I never wanted any of this. I'd have chosen a much different path, but my heritage continues to burden me. Every day when I wake up, i'm greeted by the sounds of artillery fire exploding through the sky. My father has me enrolled in military training, and is grooming me to be another hardened, ruthless war king. Only during the few, fleeting hours in between training can I find peace and respite in what I love.

I'd love to be an artist. You can imagine how my father thinks of that. I love writing, reading, and making music, but unfortunately that's not part of the Prussian King job description. 

Then again, being supportive and compassionate is in the job description of a father, and mine hasn't exactly met those expectations either. So why should I meet mine?

I'm leaving with Hans von Katte. Having friendly memories of somebone that stretch all the way back to infancy tends to be deserving of some trust. If there's anyone I care about, or trust with my life, it's Hans.

In this world, happiness is rare, and life is cheaper then a piece of bread. I've found a person and a passion to make me happy, so I've decided to seize it. 

There's also another reason why today is a special day. Today is my birthday. 18 years ago, I came into this world into my father's arms, and this is the day I leave them.

Happy Birthday Friedrich, you're a man now. 

The End

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