Life and Times of Lorraine Dakota- Chapter 18Mature

eight years later

As I do every year, I went to visit on the same date. This year doesn’t change that much. The only difference is that I’m taking her along.

Melanie kicked the fallen leaves around as we entered the cementary, “Mommy what’s with all the stones sticking out of the ground?” She asked innocently.
“They’re for people who died.”

We continued walking before standing in front of one marker:

Andrew Beck
July 17, 1995- November 30, 2008
son, lover, and father

It always surprised me how they mentioned he was a father on the marker. “Who’s that mommy?”
“Darling, this man had saved your life. He also was your father.”
“Really?” She asked, seeming surprised.
Then Melanie went up to the granite stone and stared at it for a moment before embracing the marker in a hug, “Hi Daddy.”
The sight made tears come to my eyes, I looked up to the overcast sky. “Mommy are you ok?” Melanie saw my tears. I looked at her, looking with those green eyes that still haunted me to that very day.

"No honey I'm not."

The end

The End

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