Life and Times of Lorraine Dakota- Chapter 17Mature

All I was hearing from all of the doctors and nurses was more and more bad news. The only thing left they could tell me was that they both died.

The feeling that I debated was: which would I be more unhappy with dying, Melanie or Andrew? I felt that the answer would definetly be Melanie, due to the fact that she has never broken my heart in any way possible…yet.

But I also felt as that was being selfish of me. Andrew’s parents now sat here along with my own and even Nick still stuck around. They loved Andrew dearly and for him to die would be as if Melanie died.

The doctor came through the ICU double doors, looking solemn.

I began sobbing. I had a feeling it was going to be Melanie. I mean, she was only a week or two old? How much of a chance did she have?

“I’m so sorry. They were both doing so terribly…when Andrew just…gave up. And here’s the weird part. Not long after he died Melanie’s skyrocketed up for the better. Melanie is ok.”

The Beck’s began sobbing behind me. I joined in.

*     *    *

The church bells chimed monotonously again as I stood outside the cathedral, waiting to see Andrew before he gets buried. I’d think that I would be one of the first people to see him, but apparently his parents are blaming me for his death, meaning I barely was given permission to see him. I looked into the sky again: still a dreary overcast. The line slowly edged further into the church, soon weaving around to the viewing room where Andrew laid.

I had finally gotten far enough in that I could see the casket. I held Melanie in my arms, who was thankfully silent as she slept. Everyone glared at me, knowing that I had sex at this age, which was against the church. Not like Andrew didn’t do it obviously. He was being treated as some saint now was he?

I reached his casket now. He laid in silence, green eyes never to open again. I recalled last seeing them, when he turned in surprise when I told him I loved him.

I bent down to kiss Andrew on the head lightly, saying few yet powerful words.

“I love you."


The End

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