Life and Times of Andrew Beck- Chapter 8Mature

It was pitch black. That was all I saw. It kind of freaked me out a bit. What was the last thing that happened? Oh yeah, I was in the woods with Melanie. God, I hope she was alright.

It also freaked me out how it seemed that I was merely dreaming of myself in a bed sleeping. My dreamt self was sleeping soundly when I heard the echoing sound of footsteps. I woke up and shot up into a sitting position, curious to see as to who this was.

It was Lorraine walking towards me. She huffed before saying, “Get up out of bed.” I listened to her, followed by walking towards her. “So I’m just going to give it to you straight now. You and Melanie are doing crappy in real life. You’re currently in acoma. But I’m allowing you to chose who to survive: you or Melanie? A simple question , no?”

I felt like I barely needed to think. I was done with this place, “Melanie.”
Lorraine nodded to me. Then blinding light engulfed me, Lorraine being a mere shadow against the light. I heard her quietly say, “Thank you,” to me.

The End

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