Life and Times of Lorraine Dakota- Chapter 16Mature

I paced back and forth, back and forth, waiting for the doctors to fill me in on who was going to be okay, who wasn’t. I was hoping both would be okay, both would survive. But I know if I would have to choose I’d choose Melanie in an instant. Because unlike Andrew she didn’t have a chance to make a name of herself.

Oh God, the doctor was walking towards me, Nick, and my parents. We turned to face him, Nick having his arm around me, trying to comfort me. “Well…they both aren’t doing that well. They were out in the cold wet for a very long time. There was terrible frostbite on both persons. And Andrew is currently in acoma, which we’re trying as hard as possible to get him out of.”

I nodded during all of this, trying to keep my cool.

I wasn’t winning. The tears soon came, running down the old still damp trails along my cheeks from the earlier tears. “I’m…I’m sorry,” I mouthed to the doctor and everyone else. And then I ran off, hoping to run away from this all this pain that was called my life.

The End

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