Life and Times of Andrew Beck- Chapter 7Mature

It was so cold. Cold Cold cold. That was all I felt. But I was determined. I was going to at least save this baby, even if I die in the process.

I already had her in my hands before we had hit the water. But when I did the frigid temperature of it knocked all the air out of me. I kept Melanie’s head above the water the entire time though.

God it was so cold.

I then managed to pull ourselves up onto a shore, allowing myself to get a good look at this child of mine.

She was blue. Which couldn’t be a good thing.

“Oh god. This can’t be good at all.” I looked left and right, not seeing anyone around. “Hello!” I rasped as loud as I could.

“God Damn it.” I whispered, “What have I gotten into?”

And I quickly wrapped myself around the small frame of Melanie’s and shivered in the cold, hoping I was keeping her warm and alive.

I heard her wimper quietly as tears came down my face, knowing how I had screwed everything up because of my own selfish reasons.


Everything was so foggy, so furry outside. Nothing made sense.

Was there ever a baby? I forget. Who was Lorraine again?

And why was it that I can’t feel a single part of my body?

Now was I hearing voices? “Where could they be? Face it George, they’re gone. Gone, gone, gone.”
“Shut up and keep looking. That Lorraine chick payed us a good deal of money to find this people.”

What? Then I was seeing a light. Was I dying?

No. I wasn’t. It was a flashlight in my face. “I found them George. Get the ambulance pulled up here.” I shortly then heard the sirens and I winced from all the lights. “Ok, the boy has a better chance so work on him more.”

“NOOO!!!” I managed to rasp against my frozen throat, “Save the baby. Save….her.”
“Sir, you need to stop resisting. We’re trying to help.”
“Don’t help me! Help her! Help….her.” My yelling turned to mumbling as the sedative hit my veins and I slowly went under the warm water of silence.

The End

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