Life and Times of Lorraine Dakota- Chapter 15Mature

“Andrew!” I shrilled again, sobbing at the disturbing sight before me: Andrew holding my Melanie over a river. He was currently studying Melanie with indesicion in his eyes. “Andrew!” I screamed again, “Don’t do this.”
“The hell I will!” He screamed back, “Because of this-thing my life has been destroyed. Because of this thing I lost you. So I’m going to end this by dropping her.”
My jaw dropped in surprise. I looked towards Nick who merely shrugged. I turned my head to face where Andrew stood and closed my eyes passively. “I love you Andrew. Please, don’t do this.” I whispered this so softly that I was surprised to see that Andrew heard me, “What?”
“I love you.” It was a lie, but as long as this lie was going to save Melanie. I smiled when I saw resolve run across Andrew’s countenance. He wasn’t going to do it. I turned my gaze to Melanie, who was crying.
And slipping out of her shirt.
“Andrew!” I screamed, pointing to her. But it was too late.
She tumbled towards the frothy water.
Andrew followed her.

I screamed. I screamed and ran to the edge of the bridge and looked over.

But all I saw was the muddy, unclear, foamy water. “No. nononononono!!!” I screamed, “NOT MY BABY !!! NOT MY FUCKING BABY !!!” I felt myself climbing up over the bridge wall myself to jump in to get Melanie and Andrew only to feel Nick’s arms around my waist, pulling me back. I kicked in protest, “No!! Let me get them!! Let me!”
“No, Lorraine. Relax the police are finding them right now. Don’t risk yourself.”
“Forget myself. MY BABY IS OUT THERE NICK !!”
“Lorraine be reasonable.”
“NO!!! The police did squat when they were here before. So they won’t do anything now! Now get…your….damn…hands….off me!!!” I screeched. This frightened him enough to jump back, letting me go.

And instead of rushing back to the edge of the bridge I dropped down the the ground, sobbing hysterically.

My poor Melanie. She can’t be gone. She just can’t. God is unjust if he already took her away from me.

As I was sobbing I prayed for a miracle.

The End

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