Life and Times of Andrew Beck- Chapter 6Mature

The little annoyance wiggled angrily in my arms as I held out beyond the bridge, right above the ranging water. She whined and I groaned.

And I am going to drop her. I’m going to. I’m going to.

“Gonna drop her sometime today Andy?”
“Yes.” It was silent again except for the baby’s whining.
“You sure?”
“Yes!” I growled.

Then we heard sirens. “Damn Andy! It’s the cops! Stop being a pussy and toss the damn thing in!”
“Alright already.” By then we heard the car screeching to a stop on the bridge followed by the annoying but sexy voice of Lorraine Dakota, “Give me my damn baby Andrew!”
“Yeah Andrew. We have the cops on our side.” Ugh, not Nick. Stupid ass Nick.
I turned towards them, keeping the baby dangling, “So what? I have this baby in my hands. All I would have to do is let go and poof, byebye!” I grinned from ear to ear at that statement and turned back to the baby.

She opened her eyes then and they were full of such hate.

And they were exactly like mine too, which made me gasp.

The End

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