Life and Times of Lorraine Dakota- Chapter 14Mature

When I got out of the neogiating room in the police station I flipped open my cell and called Nick. “Hey Lorraine!” He exclaimed, “Back from the hospital?”
I sighed irritatibly, “Yes. I’m at the police station now.”
“What? The police station? Shouldn’t you be at home with Melanie?”
“That’s the problem Nick. Melanie is missing.”
“What?! But….but how?”
“Simple answer: Andrew Beck. We’re looking for him right now.”


That was unusual for Nick. He wasn’t one to randomly hang up, especially when it came to me. I walked back into the room. “So who did you call honey?” My mom suddenly asked.
“Nick. I think he is heading over here right now.” I sat back down in the chair I was in before as the police officer clicked away on his laptop, searching for possible places where Andrew could be. You know, he isn’t that bad looking of an officer. I randomly thought. I did that when under pressure.

“Ah-ha! He is nearby the Sandtrek River.” The police officer exclaimed, “We better get going.”

The End

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