Life and Times of Andrew Beck- Chapter 5Mature

She keeps screaming. Why the hell would she not shut up? “Shut up!” I turned and yelled at Lorraine’s baby from the passenger seat. I had gotten my older friend to get me a ride away from here.

Away from Lorraine, knowing darn well she’d come crawling back for her precious little….thing. I looked at the little wrinkly looking thing, nose upturned in dicust.

“So you’re telling me that little thing is what has caused you all the trouble in your life?”

“Hell yes. It’s a little demon capable of big things, isn’t it.”
“Whew, I guess so? Well what are you gonna do with it?” He asked, popping a piece of gum in his mouth. I thought for a bit while staring at the little thing, still screaming at the highest pitch possible. I snapped my fingers, “What about the Sandstrek River?”
He whistled, “That river there is very strong and very deep.”
I smiled, “Sounds perfect,” I turned to the little child again, “Doesn’t that sound perfect for you? Yes it does.” I cooed evilly. I then laughed, finding that funny.

The End

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