Life and Times of Lorraine Dakota- Chapter 13Mature

I was fast asleep with sweet Melanie lightly snoring in my arms.

And then I randomly awoke from some sort of strange nightmare, screaming. As soon as the scream escaped my lips I looked down in my arms for fear I frightened Melanie.

But Melanie wasn’t there.

I began hyperventilating. Where was she? She was barely a day old. Where could she have gone? I scrambled for the nurse assistance button, slamming my finger on it multiple times until the nurse rushed into the room, appearing quite unhappy that I had awoken her at this time of night. “Yes?” She panted.
“My baby,” I shrieked, “My baby is gone!” Finally, the nurse reacted in the way she should. “Well do you know anywhere she’d be?”
“Ma’am, she’s just a few days old! She isn’t going anywhere!”
“Well, do you know anyone who’d steal her?”

I didn’t need a second to know exactly who would steal my dear baby from me. There was no one else who would ever do such a sickening thing, “Andrew Beck.” I growled.

As soon as my parents arrived at the hospital to pick me up I sprinted outside as quickly as possible. It was a bit frosty outside, considering it was nearing the end of November. But I didn’t care.

I screamed.

I screamed out to the world as loud as I could possibly scream.

And when I was finished I watched the cloud of condensation fly and quickly disappear soon afterward.

I sensed my parents standing behind me, preparing for me to turn my anger onto them. I sighed.

I was done with that. I wasn't going to treat my parents like crap any longer. i sighed, “That’s better. Let’s go.” And i opened the one car door, climbing into the warmth of it. After my parents gaped for a bit they snapped out of it and joined me in the car and began driving to the police station.

“Where could you be?” I whispered. I closed my eyes, “Please Andrew, take care of her for me until you decide to stop being an ass. Just please. Please God.”

i prayed. I prayed and prayed and prayed that little Melanie was alright.


The End

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