Life and Times of Lorraine Dakota- Chapter 11Mature

I can’t believe it. Of all the things to happen to me: my water breaks at school. I’ve been praying for this to not happen. And as usual my prays weren’t answered.
So as I was being wheeled in the O.R. for the C-Section I wasn’t that happy. Well, that was probably because all pregnant women aren’t happy much of the time. So to have Nick bustle about me being a complete spaz was annoying the hell out of me. After he asked for the billionth time if I was alright I shouted, “Nick! What did I say 5 minutes ago? I’m about as fine as a girl in labor is going to get. Now I don’t want you in the operating room, so go away!” This left Nick in shock, me yelling at him, but he listened to me. I smiled as they wheeled me into the room.

As the doctors were prepping me a nurse came up to me saying, “Now normally you’d stay awake for this C-section, but because of your age we decided to put you asleep for it.” Then the mask went over my face and I soon after felt the pinprick of the needle, making me fall asleep quick.

Everything was so foggy for me. Where was I again? The hospital? But why? I heard someone whisper in my ear, was it Nick? Nick Perrel? “Do you want to see your baby?” The voice said. Baby?

I slowly opened my eyes, wincing at the brightness of the hospital lights. It was Nick standing right before me after all. And cradled in his hands was a baby. My baby.

I couldn’t help it, but I started crying. I nodded as tears of happiness streamed down my face. He handed over the child. It was a girl. I smiled, “Melanie.”
“Looks like you did get a girl after all Lorraine.” Nick stated.

I studied little Melanie more. She looked so much like me, so much. There didn’t seem to be a single appearance of her that I could link to her father, her careless father.

She yawned, which made me cry even harder. It was the most beautiful sound I might have ever heard.

Then she opened her eyes and I gasped.

They were a brilliant colorful green, identical to the eyes that I fell in love with: Andrew Beck’s.


The End

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