Life and Times of Andrew Beck- Chapter 3Mature

Oh my God, I am getting sick of this crap going on between Nick and Lorraine. Something is up between them, but what?

After a couple of months have passed I had reached the point of sitting only a few lunch tables away from them in the morning, quietly seething at the two of them, chatting and laughing. I almost tore my hair out at the sight of Nick honest to God touching Lorraine’s stomach to feel the little devil in her. John and Drew always nervously glanced at me, expecting me to run over there and strangle the small child.

Heck I even wanted to strangle Drew and John everytime they said how I still wanted Lorraine. I did not want her. Actually, I wanted her to jump off a cliff. And considering how I heard her being all suicidal at one point….yeah.

It was period 5 when John ran up to me all freaked out, “Did-you-hear?” He panted.
“Lorraine’s in the hospital. Her water broke during 4th period.”

The End

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