Life and Times of Andrew Beck- Chapter 2Mature

Today was Thursday. And Thursday meant soccer games. So yeah, I was pretty pysched for it. I wore my entire uniform…well almost. I ran up to Drew and John excitedly, “You guys ready for the game?!”
“Of course.” John said immdiatly. But Drew seemed distracted. “Drew?”
“Are you ready for that sight over there Andy?” Drew asked while pointing in some direction. My eyes followed where his finger was pointing to see Nick and Lorraine sitting together, laughing. “What the fuck? What is that all about?!”
“Do you think we know?!” I continued watching the strange event unfurl before me. Everyone could tell Lorraine was getting bigger in the stomach, being as the little devil was getting bigger and bigger inside her.
“So…so you jealous?” John asked. I had to keep from punching him in the face at that statement, “What are you talking about?! Jealous?! No! i actually pity Nick. Lorraine is a total slutty bitch.”
“The why did you get her preggo?”
”...Because…” Then the teachers dismissed us from the lunchroom.

I decided I was going to get down to the business of what was going on between Lorraine and Nick.

And I was going straight to the source, none of that grapevine crap. I walked straight up to Lorranie who was getting stuff out of her locker. I leaned against the locker beside hers and said, “So I see you’re getting bigger?”
“So I see your a bigger ass?” She quickly responded. I rolled my eyes, “Look, I’m not here to deal with your shit. I’m here to ask about you and Nick.” She looked at me with a surprised expression, “And why do you care?”
“Because I don’t think you’re right for him. You’re quite frankly not right for anyone.”
“Oh is that what you think?”
“Yes, because only you would get pregnant on the first time.” I could tell our voices were raising.
“Uhm, excuse me, but I’m not the one who forgot protection.” I rolled my eyes, “You don’t need it.”
“Yes you do. And this proves it.” And she pointed at her stomach, “I gotta go. I personally don’t want to deal with you right now.” And she left.

I rushed down to the soccer field, planning to toss all my anger out onto this game. I was pumped, I knew it. I ran straight up to Coach Sanders and said, “I’m here to win Coach.” He looked at me with a strange expression which then switched to pity. “I’m sorry Andrew…But you can’t play today…or ever.” I felt my jaw drop and my eyes flashed towards Drew and John. Coach saw that and shook his head, “They didn’t tell me. Don’t worry, there a good set of friends…even if they can’t run…”
“But why can’t I? i would help the team tremedously.”
“I know that. But the principal isn’t letting me. He told me…things.”
“What?!” I hoarsely asked, feeling sick in my stomach.
“Yeah, someone told the principal of you getting a Lorraine Dakota pregnant.”
“What someone?!”
“That was kept confidential. But you should probably leave now.”
I huffed in anger and stormed away then, kicking a couple of things, including people, on the way up.

The End

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