Life and Times of Lorraine Dakota- Chapter 10Mature

I was at my locker trying to secretly apply deoderant without anyone staring at me strangely even more. Then I heard a dreadfully familiar voice, “Hey Lorraine.” I groaned and chucked the deoderant in my locker, slammed it shut, and began fast walking as quickly as possible away from Andrew. “Wait! Let me explain.” He called, easily able to catch up to me; I wasn’t doing so well in the speed area lately. “What the shit do you want?” I almost screamed at him. I mean, he took my virginity away, what more could he want. “Well…I was wondering when the abortion date is…so I can be there with you…and here’s some money to help pay for it.” With that he shoved a good deal of cash into my sweatshirt pocket and tried not to look me in the eye. “Well….Andrew, that is very kind of you,” I began. I then took the money out of my pocket, “But we don’t need this. I’m not getting an abortion.”
“Nope.” And I walked away, leaving Andrew to collapse to the floor in a pathetic heap of misery.

The End

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