Life and Times of Lorraine Dakota- Chapter 9Mature

I paced back and forth in my room, debating quietly to myself what I should do.

I knew exactly what my parents would want me to do: get rid of it and try and forget that this whole thing ever happened. That was the easy way out, the way I would have taken before. And it was the way that would keep me away from the terrible harpies at school terroizing me for being a “whore”.

And yet I wanted to keep her with all my heart. I wanted to watch her grow up, even though it might be a little weird, being only 13 years apart. But we could manage. I know we could.

I felt Melanie nudge me again. I faced my stomach, “Could you stop doing that? You’re not helping.” I slapped my face from my stress. Great, now I was talking to my stomach. I rolled my eyes and continued talking to her, “Don’t worry. I’m not going to give you up.”


I walked into school with a new sweatshirt on, searching for a pair of eyes that didn’t stare me down with disgust. I found them at Peyton’s table: Nick Parrel. He looked at me with eyes full of remorse and pity. I walked over to that table and took a seat beside him. “Hey Nick.”
“Hi Lorraine. How’s life?” I ran my fingers through my hair and answered, “Suckish.”
“I heard the news.”
“Yeah, a lot of people heard the news if you haven’t noticed.” I grumbled.
“Well? You keeping it? Boy or Girl?” Melanie and I twitched at the same time in surprise. I stared at Nick for a couple of seconds strangely. I could tell I was making him feel uncomfortable. I turned my head quickly away from him, “I’m sorry. You’re just….the first person to ask those questions.”
“That shows how caring America is nowadays. Well?”
“I want a girl, but knowing my luck I’ll get a boy.”
“And…you keeping her?” I felt my heart inflate at the sound of him saying her knowing that’s what I want.
“You know what Nick. I…I think I am.”

The End

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