Life and Times of Lorraine Dakota- Chapter 2Mature

“So are you going to be there tonight?” I was on the phone with Andrew, asking about the football game tonight.
“Yeah, I’m going to be there. Why wouldn’t I?” I laughed. Anybody who was anybody went to the football games. Most of the time the games weren’t watch for our team was terrible. “Ok, see you there Andrew.”
“Bye Lorraine.” I hung up my cellphone and after a bit of thinking groaned. Naturally Peyton’s girlfriend, Bailee, was going to be there. She’s in marching band. God, I hated that girl so much. She was perfect in every which way, which made my skin crawl. She had even stolen the one person that I had first loved: Peyton. But that was ancient history. I had Andrew now, whom I was going to hang out with at the football game tonight. I shrilled with glee at the very thought. I then bustled through my room trying to make myself look presentable, which was a very hard thing to do. When I thought I was decent I yelled downstairs to my parents and then had them begin driving me to the stadium.

The car ride was quite silent for most of the time until my mother began saying, “Lorraine, about this boy your dating…”
“Mom! What have I told you about staying out of my life!?” I began yelling immidiatly. Lately my parents have been trying to make my life as miserable as possible. “Listen honey, your father and I aren’t all that sure he’s…we don’t think he cares about you do liike you do to him.”
“Shut up! i know he does. He’s told me over and over again. You’re starting to sound like…like Peyton!” I spat the name out in a small shrill.
“Keep your voice down! I’m only trying to help!” My mom started yelling now too.
“No you’re not! You’re trying to make sure my life is as miserable as Hell. I’m sick of this!” My mom slammed the brake hard, making me fly a little forward. When I pushed my hair out of my face I looked around. We were at the school.
“Get out of the damn car Lorraine.” My mom whispered quietly. I did, and made sure to slam the door as hard as possible. I didn’t care she was crying.

The very first thing I did when I entered the stadium was look for Andrew. I couldn’t find him, but the game hadn’t even started yet. As I was walking I heard people yelling my name. I turned to see Sara and Elisha running towards me, “Hey hey hey Lorri! How’s life going?”
“Suckish.” I grunted. They gasped and asked, “Why?”
“My mom is trying to make my life more miserable then it already is.” My two friends looked at each for a second before Elisha stated, “It looks like we need to get you hyped up on sugar!” I smiled at my friends’ happiness before finally giving them permission to fill me up.
That was when the band began filing onto the field and at the end of the one line was Bailee holding her stupid flute. My friends soon saw my distress and began leading me towards the food stand as the band began the pre-game field show.
Then everybody began showing up. Mike, Caden, Kacy, you name them. But there was still no sign of Andrew.

Then at the beginning of third quarter, when all the band geeks were walking amongst us, i saw him. Andrew was hanging out with other guys from the soccer team and I began walking towards him. “Andrew!” i cried in happiness when I reached the group.
I was welcomed with udder awkward silence. Everyone glanced strangely at one another, followed by staring at Andrew. He collected the multiple stares and looked at me with the same look, then sighed and walked away. His friends stared at me again before following him. My jaw dropped as the realization hit me that I was just silently dissed by my boyfriend. I felt the tears of depression and anger overcoming me as Elisha and Sara pulled me away as I began to thrash around angrily. In the process I saw Bailee in her ugly band uniform walking by with Peyton staring at me as I snapped.
How could he do this to me? Embarress me in front of his friends, make me feel like complete shit. I couldn’t believe this.
I couldn’t,
I had hit the point of no return.

The End

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