Life and Times of Lorraine DakotaMature

As soon as I sat down in math I began staring at the clock. Only about 5 more hours until I was with Andrew again. I repressed a sigh and tried to pay attention to what Ms. Dallin said. I wasn’t doing all that well. Sitting three seats in front of me was Peyton and I subconciously began glaring at him. Basically, the green monster had returned: I was jealous of what he had. He had someone that loved him just as much as he loved her back. I wondered what it was like for him, not being able to see Bailee all day. True, I don’t see Andrew that much, but I could at least see him in the hallways, give him a quick hug on the way to period 5. I felt the glare on my face suppress as my mind began to dream of the near future: me and Andrew married. It made me smile dreamily. Unfortunetly, the bell ending period 4 rang, ending my daydreaming and made me shoot out of my chair. Only 4 hours and 50 minutes to go.


Yes! Finally the end of the day had come! I jumped out of my seat and ran out to my locker, collecting everything that I would need for the weekend. When I slammed my locker shut I turned to see him: Andrew. I sighed and stared before composing myself and waving at him happily, crying, “Andrew! Andrew!”
He didn’t even turn to look at me. My wave slowed down and my smile slowly disappeared. I saw Peyton out of the corner of my eye and I groaned in anger. He turned his head towards where Andrew was leaving and me, back and forth, before saying, “I’m telling you Lorraine. He just wants to get in your pants.”
“Shut up about that! He loves me! I know it!” I stated quickly, “He just….shows it differently.” Peyton rolled his eyes, “Sure, he so loves you. I mean, he doesn’t turn around to look at you when you cry out his name.” I ignored Peyton’s pessimism about my relationship. Although i felt like I was trying to prove to myself that he loves me back. Maybe he’ll show his affection for me tonight at the game.

The End

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