Life and Existence


"You all know why you're here, don't you? You lack the wrong genetics. It may seem like one little letter, but believe me, it makes all the difference.

XY. What a mistake. The Defect. This genetic blunder means that you are below those who possess the XX genosomes. You cannot nurture life like us who have been chosen genetically to be great.

Now, this does not mean we will kill you. That would be something that you would do. Men. The Man. You create fire to destroy forests, cars to pollute our air, guns to wound innocent people, just to satisfy your needs. This is all down to The Defect. But no, we will not kill you. Instead, we will cultivate your evil and make you useful to us.

All those years of oppression...We will not react in the same way, because we pity you. We who are genetically stronger, we who provide life, we live.

You merely exist."

The End

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