Save Yourself

You watch as your friend bleeds out from the wound - he's hopeless. He mumbles in a really faint voice, "pl- please..... h-help..." You think that he will die anyway, so you ignore helping him. It's a hard decision, but you want to stay alive, so you begin to run away. Suddenly, a sniper shot from a mile away hits your friend in the head. Blood gashes out on you. He's dead, it's too late, you thought. Your close friend - gone in a blink of an eye. You hear enemy tanks moving in to your area, and decide to retreat to the extraction point. All around you are your fellow soldiers laying on the ground - dead. You once knew them back in boot camp, and used to play pranks on your drill instructor with them. They're all gone now.

Bullets are whizzing by, and explosions erupting near you. You finally make it to the extraction point, to meet up with your fellow troops, and get out of this hellhole. Unfortunately, things didn't go like that. They were all wiped out, killed by an enemy squad. If you had gone there sooner, you would have been wiped out like the rest of them. But it seems that the enemy has moved on. You stop to think about your friend, and what happened to that family. Your stranded in the middle of the battlefield, weak, hungry and tired. You check your rifle, and you have only a few bullets left.

You hear a noise of a helicopter. You don't know if it's a friendly or not. It could be an evac helicopter, getting fellow troops out of there. You don't take any chances, you head toward the heli - it could save your life. The helicopter's propellers roar as it gets closer. You examine the heli. It has a flag on it - it has your army's logo on it.  From what you can tell, it's a friendly! You shoot some shots in the air, jumping up and down, and yelling to try to get it's attention. It it sets down closer to you, indicating that they've spotted you. You scramble toward it in relief. A soldier pops out of the side of the heli with a gun. You shout to them, "Hey, let me in!". The soldier doesn't respond. Then you realize something. Back in your training, you remember that the enemy would put friendly flags on they're heli's to try to trick their enemies, though your instructors told you that they stopped using this tactic about a year ago. There's still a chance that it's a friendly heli though, and you could get on and escape this madness. Time is running out - what decision do you make?


The End

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