Life and death

A solider finds himself in a moral and phscological struggle: save a solider friend, save an innocent family, or save himself. he can only do one.....

Your name is Talis, a marine in the 3rd world war. Your squadron was sent up to the front in Italy, where the now exiled European Republicans are based. You have had what some would call the fortoune and others the torment of surviving a scathing flank attack on the way to your trenches. There is a family in the distance that is trying to escape the warzone, but they are headed straight into something really bad which will kill them, but you know that you will die if you attempt to stop them. Your childhood friend (mortally wounded by gunfire) sits with you in a natural trench carved by some large shell, and you have the items to save his life in you pack, but that is in the line of fire from something deadly as well. The final option is to simply let your friend die, watch the family of innocents disapear into the smoke, and sit tight untill you can get back to the safety of your army's lines. Time is running out- which will it be?

The End

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