Fake surroundings?

Ameya was sitting on the couch in Maddie’s apartment, laughing with her over a copy of ’Sgt. Frog’. While Maddie was showing her around she noticed the book on a bookshelf. When she asked to see it, the older girl’s eyes lit up.

Turns out they both shared a love of comic books and Manga. And it was pretty great that Maddie had such a big collection.

However, Ameya's new home was a little messy. There were books of all kinds laying on the floor, along with other random trinkets, so much that you couldn't really walk without tripping. She hadn't mentioned the problem to Maddie because she thought it would be rude, but Ameya definitely was going to clean up later.

The girls looked up when they heard the doorbell ring. Maddie shut the book and turned to Ameya.

"That's probably Matsuko, she wanted to take you shopping, remember?"

"Oh, yeah." Replied Ameya getting up off the couch and hopping over piles of books on her way to the door. She slipped on the shoes she borrowed from Nami, they were black ----s with little purple flowers, not what she would have normally worn, Ameya was a sports girl and liked tennis shoes, but she’d take what she could get.

Ameya opened the door and stepped out.

Maddie was right, it was Matsuko. He first thing she noticed was her big black boots. They were pretty cool looking, like, what was it? Goth or punk or something, Ameya didn't know the word for it. She looked up.

"Hi." Matsuko waved, and for the first time Ameya noticed just how tall she was. Her whole frame was extremely slender, but she had the hight of a basket ball player!

Ameya waved back awkwardly. "Hi..."

"Don't I get a hello too?" Someone said from behind Matsuko. It was Ress, who although was taller than Ameya, disappeared behind Matsuko until she peeked around.

Ameya waved to him too. "Hi."

Matsuko brushed her hair back and spun on the heel of her boot.

"Well, lets go then." She said looking back over her shoulder. "With Ress around were bound to be out late, he looks at everything."

Ameya nodded and followed her to the small black car.

"’ey, bump down the tempeture Matsuko." Ress turned to tell her as they sped along the road.

"Yeah, sure." She replied. "The mall’s not far, maybe like ten minutes or so." She mentioned to Ameya.

The young girl looked out the window. The road seemed like any other, nothing special about it at all. There were trees planted at even intervals bordering it, but those were the only trees in sight. Beyond the occasional building, it was plains as far as she could see. And it wasn't the long, waving, rippling grass like on the Great Plains in the US, it was acre upon acre of neatly trimmed, flat, grass, like you’d see in yards. There were no hills or bumps, Ameya observed, and the car never seemed to move over any higher spots.

How did this place even work?
Where, exactly, was she?

"How do they keep all the grass so nice and neat?" Ameya asked.

"Well, the only real grass is near the apartments and houses and stuff. The rest’s just the fake stuff." Ress explained.

"You mean... Everywhere other than near buildings is covered inu... Fake grass?"

"That's what I said." Replied Ress.

Matsuko elbowed him in the side. "Hey, be nice. You didn't know how anything worked when you died either."

The rest of the way there Ameya continued to look out the window. Some things about this place just seemed a little, off.....

The End

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