Clumsy and Worried

Matsuko was worried about Ameya. As she and Nami helped wash the plates and forks from the picnic at Dion and Ress’s apartment, she pressed her lips together in thought.

Was Ameya going to be okay? She was so young, and died so suddenly, not to mention she didn't really have any caring family members who were dead. That was going to be really tough on her. How could she help?

"Hey Matsu, watch it!" Called Ress from the other side of the kitchen.

Looking down, she realized she was spilling dish soap all over the counter. She blushed, and then composed herself. "Sorry." Even after 89 years, she was still clumsy, AND a little bashful, although she didn't let anyone know she was embarrassed so easily.

"Ya got two right feet, and now two right hands?" Snickered Ress.

"Oh, be quiet." Matsuko replied, clicking her tongue in frustration.

She felt someone behind her, it was Dion, with a rag to clean up the spill. "Here." He said with a smile, handing her the cloth.

She smiled and took it.

As she wiped up, Matsuko made a mental note to check when the next death orientation meeting was in the north center.

The End

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