Grumpy Old Auntie Girl

Matsuko pushed the doorbell to a small town house. Ameya could hear the shrill buzz from inside and she clasped her hands nervously. The door swung open, and a girl with dark brown hair pulled up in a tight bun and an unhappy face looked up at them.
"Who are you? What do you want at this time at night?"
"I'm the current death receptionist at north center." Replied Matsuko. "Are you Miriam Bruesher?"
"Yeah, why?" Asked the girl.
"Your niece died earlier today."
"Who? You mean Ameya?" Questioned Miriam. Her eyes traveled down to Ameya’s face. "Ameya? What in the world are you doing here?"
Ameya blinked. Surely this young woman in front of her wasn't her great aunt; where were her wrinkles? Her yellowed teeth? Her graying hair? The only thing that was similar was the high bun she wore her hair in.
"Uh, um I...drowned today I guess..." Ameya informed her. "Nice to see you again, ma’am?"
Miriam squinted up at Matsuko, "I suppose you're here to tell me that I have to take care of her now, aren't you?"
"Well, more or less, that’s correct." Confirmed Matsuko.
Ameya looked at her feet.
Miriam sniffed, "Well I don't have any room for her even if I wanted to take her in. I have two baby twins from my daughter and my neighbor’s grandson to take care of; not to mention my husband is here too."
"Are you sure tha-" Matsuko started when a shrill wail started upstairs, and was soon joined by a identical scream and cursing from a man.
"Look what you've done now!" Hissed Miriam. "Do you know how long I spent trying to get the twins to sleep?! Go! Shoo!" And with that the door slammed in their faces.
Matsuko stood stunned for a moment, before turning to Ameya. "Well, I can't legally force you on her....And to be honest I wouldn't want to torture you like that."
"I told you she was hopeless." Shrugged Ameya defeatedly. "Where do I go now? Is....there still orphanages up here?"
Matsuko shook her head. "Up here we call them ’Youth containment and care centers’."
Ameya sighed.
"But, for now... I guess you could stay the night with Nami and me."
Ameya gave her a shocked look as they headed back to the car.
Matsuko climbed in, turned to Nami and sighed.
"I guess we’re having a sleepover tonight."  

The End

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