Ameya made her way to the lobby, and sat down in a waiting chair. For the first time, she was actually able to think about her situation.
She had died. Died at 15. She was never going to get to go to college, get a boyfriend, be a world class skier, or a doctor, or anything. She’d never see her mother or her father again. Her dog would be lonely, and her friends would mourn, but carry on without her. Her parents would be devastated. And there was nothing she could do about it.
It was over, and she would be ever so lonely.
Ameya hugged her legs to her chest and put her head down. The seriousness of everything was starting to sink in. It was bearing down on her like a weight, dragging her further and further under the water; away from the light and hope of the surface. Ameya felt her eyes sting with tears.
"Hello! Oh, miss, what's wrong?"
Ameya looked up to see a girl  sitting next to her. She had large grey eyes and poofy brown hair tied up in a low ponytail. As she talked a long curl bounced around at the side of her face.
"Are you okay?"
Ameya wiped her eyes and tried to compose herself.
"Y-yeah, I'm fine."
The girl cocked her head and leaned forward, "But you look all sad."
"I told you I'm fine!" Ameya snapped. "Leave me alone."
The girl shrunk back for a moment in her chair, eyes wide.
"How old are you, miss?"
Ameya let out a sharp breath and turned her head away. "I'm fifteen."
"Oh, you're young! This must be surprising then,huh." the girl said sympathetically.
"You must miss your family and stuff, right? How did you die? Were you sick?"
Ameya was becoming more and more frustrated with this girl. "I don't feel like talking now."
"Oh, okay." the girl said. She leaned forward and picked up two magazines from the table in front of them. She poked Ameya with the edge of one.
"Wanna read?"
Ameya irritably snatched the magazine from the girl.
"Oh, and by the way, I'm Nami." the girl informed her, looking down and opening her magazine. After a few moments she glanced up again at the other girl, expecting a reply.
Ameya sighed defeatedly.
"I'm Ameya."
"Nice to meet you then, Ameya." said Nami, smiling.
Ameya looked down at the magazine in her hand. It was titled, "Nerrin". It appeared to be a fashion magazine, which Ameya wasn't too interested in. She flipped open to a random page. "Plaid is the new stripes!" it claimed. Plaid? Ew. She thought.
She spent the next hour or two there in the lobby with Nami, flipping through magazines. Ameya was surprised that they weren't that different from the ones she was used to. Eventually Nami yawned, and stood up.
"There’s sis."
Ameya looked up. Matsuko was coming through the door leading to the lobby.
"Wait, your sister is Matsuko?"
"Yep! She is!"
As Nami walked over to her sister she glanced back at Ameya, "do you know nii-chan?"
"Actually Nami," Matsuko jumped in, "I took her records today. It seems she has a bit of a Housing predicament."
"Eh?" Questioned Nami, cocking her head.
"We’re going to go and see Ameya's great aunt. She needs a place to stay." Matsuko answered.
Ameya stood up and smiled nervously, "Sorry to be such a pain."
Matsuko shook her head, "No, it's fine, I don't have anywhere to be tonight or anything."
Ameya thanked the two sisters again before following them out the door and into the cold night air. She looked around her, expecting to see something strange about her surroundings.
She was in a large parking lot, lined with streetlights.  There were trees scattered around for decoration; the only thing that seemed strange to her was the deep orange sky.
"Come on, this way."
Only then did Ameya realize that she was standing in place, gawking up at the sky.
"Oh, Sorry." she apologized, and jogged over to where the sisters were standing, next to a small black car.
Matsuko climbed into the driver’s seat, and Nami got into the back, leaving the passenger’s seat to Ameya. The young girl opened the door and sat down. The engine started and soon they were speeding off through the dark.


The End

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