Life Part III

I think im going to break up with my boyfriend because he is just being stupid right now and i saw him sitting with his EX at the lunch table and it made me kinda think that he still likes her and she still likes him so i think that im going to break up with him but i still dont know if i will or not and like i said in the last story, he said that i have problems but whatever because he's just annoying me anyway. And if i break up with him then i get a better chance of going out with someone that is way better and appreciates me and doesn't think i have problems. And i better stop talking about him before i start crying because i still love him which makes it harder to break up with him. But anyway, friends are still the way they are and i went to the pool yesterday and i has so much fun. I;m going again today with my friends that live down the street and i think that im going to get a tan instead of going swimming...(:

The End

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