Life Part II

Life is still the same and everything is going bad. My boyfriend says i have problems but then tell my best friend that he still loves me and that he's not mad at me so he loves a girl that has problems. Wow.. so hopefully he calls me today so we can talk about it because i don't really think that i can wait until tuesday when i go back to school. My friends are still fighting and i am getting sick and tired of it. But I'm still friends with both of them. The pool is open today and i am so happy because i have been waiting since before december. I think me and my whole family are going today with neighbors down the street from my house. We always used to go together before they closed the pool because of the cold wether and the bad storms we have been having lately. We had a really bad one last night and i always wonder why the storms come at night when I'm actually trying to sleep. Well it ended at like 12:30 so i was asleep. My new favorite animal is a dolphin because my sister has a stuffed dolphin and i realized that they are really cute!(:

The End

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