Diary entery 2

It’s cold today. They're fighting, as usual. Why mom entertains him, I’ll never know. It’s always like this. He'll yell and shout for no rhyme or reason "My food is cold!" or "You misplaced my ties! Stupid woman! Can’t even keep clothes properly!" and treat her like a maid. But you know what sickens me the most...She apologises. Like it’s her fault! Damn Bastard! Cook your own food! Keep your own clothes! Wash your own clothes!  Get your own home! Go away if you don’t like us!

I’m so afraid of him, so afraid that I tremble at the very sound of his voice! So afraid, if I could, I would cut out his heart and burn it! He pollutes my home. Foul and disgusting creature. He drinks like a fish at night, and she just sits as his "bottle opener" opening can after can after can for him.
"You spilt it on the floor, damn woman!" he yells, as the beer froths and spills from the can. 
"I’m sorry" She mumbles. 
"Useless creature!" 

And I just sit, with clenched fists, listening to his rubbish through the paper thin walls, while furiously typing it all out to random strangers over the net. 

Life was unbearable, till I met him. He seemed so...oblivious . He'd ask such mundane questions like "How’s school like?" or "Is basketball fun?". It was like having a little pet brother, who just came out, shiny and new from a card board box, unable to fathom the working of the world. It was sweet, easy and entertaining.

"My dad left. It's just ma and me." He'd write out his heart to me. He trusted me. He believed in me. "Ma doesn't like me going outside. She's scared I'll leave her." He seemed so blissfully unaware of the world, that I couldn't help but love him. I wanted to nurture him and take responsibility for him, to keep him in a little locket and carry him everywhere with me, like a puppy. To think someone so, innocent existed was too good to be true...Too good. Maybe that’s because, it wasn't true. Or at least not any more.  

The End

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