Nothing stays, everything crumbles into dust eventually. Eternity is a lie, it is the greatest treachery played by mankind. They all leave some time sooner or later. This is a lesson time whips into us, causing scars on our stomachs and blood on our backs, But no matter how many times we are tricked, no matter how many times our heart is wrenched out from inside its bony cage, we never fail to fall into the trap all over again.

The emptiness filled Adil’s eyes with hot tears. He had just begun to learn the cruelty and punishment of life, and it hurt him, it cut through him deeply.

 His swollen eyes grew deep red, as he squeezed them tightly shut, and gasped for air. He could not breathe. The pain was over bearing

 He held onto his stomach, willing the pain to sub side. It physically ached, like a hole had been carved out within his gut, as if his body and soul, had become completely empty, like a lifeless shell, torn by the massacred by merciless time, which never fails to drill into our fragile hearts in the most gut wrenching method, that everything fades away. This is the lesson of eternity.

He curled into a tight ball, allowing the loneliness to corrupt him, and the emptiness to slowly numb his body. He lay still, gasping for breath, in the dark silence.

 The unreal stillness was broken by the sudden tinkling from a laptop on a desk, in a far corner of the room. Adil sat up, and stared at the flashing screen. His eyes widened and hope began to blossom in his chest.

The tinkling was the sound of a friend, of a companion. He stared at the screen, awe fixed in his gaze. There, behind the glass screen and emotionless wires, waited a real, living breathing being, one who cared and worried for him. His heart filled with a strange kind of longing, and a sense of attachment.

And thus the trap was once again set, and thus the child fell once again, ensnared by the illusion of eternity.

Poor little boy, if only he had learnt, that in the end nothing stays and everything crumbles into dust eventually. Eternity is a lie, it is the greatest treachery played by mankind.


The End

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