Hapilly Ever After.

Everything was gone, Jewellery, money and anything of value had been emptied from his mother's cupboard. The only things left, were some old, worn out clothes, an empty bag and a vacant spider’s web. Adil stared at the deserted cupboard. His fists balled up into a fist.

"She ‘s really gone."  His mind was in shambles. "Where is she? Why did she go?

He slid down onto the floor and rested his head on the cupboard door. His body felt exhausted, his head pounded. He wobbled to his feet and dragged himself back into his bedroom. He lay on his bed, remembering the days his mother would sit next to him and read sweet stories, as he fell asleep on her lap.

"And they lived happily ever after." That was how all those stories ended. But this, this was not a fairy tale, not everyone lives happily ever after in this sick sadistic world.  

His swollen eyes closed, shutting out the dim light about and opening a gateway to all his old memories.

The sweet memories, sad memories, they all slowly crept into his mind through a door he had locked away for years. His eyes fluttered open against their will. He seemed to finally comprehend the meaning behind certain memories, that innocence had once barred him from understanding. One such memory came to mind, an important memory, a memory that once confused his naive and childish mentality.

Adil ground his teeth together, as the memory flashed through his aching head, repeating it’s self, over and over again, like words on a broken recorder. He looked up, outside his window, crushing his body against the cold hard wall. It lay in as his only substitute for the warmth she once provided him, as she held him in her arms, reading, “And they all lived Happily Ever After....” It was all he had left, an inanimate, cold and bear wall.

The End

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