Adil stared at his mother, struggling to find a pair of decent clothes. He stood at the door, watching her frantically change into an old pair of pants and plain white shirt. She combed her hair, and tied it in a tight pony tail. Adil felt a pinch of joy. For the first time in months, his mother was actually getting out of the house.

"Ma?" He peeped at her from the door frame. She jumped with surprise, anguish painted in her eyes.

"Adil!" She smiled at him, seeming nervous. "I...I need to go out." She looked at him, as if expecting him to stop her.

"Where?" He asked with a bright smile. "Can I come too ma?" He fidgeted.

"NO!" She yelled. Adil was taken slightly aback. "Don't worry sweetie. We need groceries that is all." She smiled slightly, before turning, to stare at herself in the mirror. She stood absolutely still. "Take care while I am gone." She said, as she lifted her hand bag and headed out the door, patting him on the head. She turned to look at Adil before leaving. His eyes glowed with joy. A flash of guilt erupted over her face, before she closed the door tightly behind her.

The groceries store was a five minute walk down the lane. It shouldn't have taken too much time. Adil stared out his window, watching his mother turn into the main road, to her right. Something was wrong. The grocery store was left from the main road. He saw her slim figure hail a cab and drive away. A cab driver wouldn't take a person to a store that was so close.

"Maybe she is going to a different store..." He told himself as he watched the cab slip down the road. He sat there, utterly still, watching the roads anxiously.

Morning swiftly turned to afternoon, and soon the sun began to set in the red sky. Adil still sat at his window sill, jumping at the sight of every taxi that stopped near his lane. The disappointment simply grew greater with every passing car. He lowered his eyes

Night swept a dusty blue curtain over the sky. Adil got up from his seat. "Ma will want dinner when she comes home. She will come home." he mumble to himself as he began steaming the rice and heating the curry over the stove.

The clock in the house struck ten. Adil sat at the table, the steaming plates of food in front of him, waiting for his mother. "She will not leave me...she is coming back" He continued to revise these words again and again in his mind.

The clock struck twelve. The food began to coagulate on the plate. It stuck to the plate, cold and stale.  He sat straight and still at the table. He continued to tell himself, as a lump formed in his throat. "She will not leave me...she is coming back" The words echoed in his heart.

The clock struck two. The food on the plate was now infested with flies. Adil sat on the seat like an obedient dog, allowing the tears to softly fall on his cheeks."She will not leave me...she is coming back"

The clock struck five.  "She will not leave me...she is coming back..."She will not leave me...she is coming back" the words continuously rapped inside his head. The world was still. The unbearably silence was broken  by the he ticking clock . "She will not leave me...she is coming back...She will not leave me......SHE’S NOT COMEING BACK"   The thought flashed through his mind. Immediately, a rush of adrenaline over came him with rage. He tossed the table over with one swift motion, the plates clattered to the floor and shattered into a thousand tiny shards as the food sprayed on the marble ground. His knees buckled, as he crashed onto the hard, cold floor, he jerked his head back, banging his fists as he yelled; "SHE IS COMEING BACK!" his voice trembling harder with every scream "SHE WILL COME BACK! I KNOW SHE WILL!!" he continued his pounding till his fists were bruised and bleeding. He curled up to the ground, and allowed the tears to overflow onto his cheeks.

Dawn softly approached. Adil sat in a crumpled ball on the ground, rocking himself to and fro, his eyes red from the constant tears, his body trembling with exhaustion. He looked upon the ray of light gleaming from the crack in the curtains "traitor..." he muttered.”How could you....." He stood on his wobbling feet, and looked at the clock softly ticking on the wall. "YOU TOOK HER AWAY FROM ME!" He yelled at the ticking clock. He smashed his fist into the centre of its face, and through its remains to the floor. "TRAITOR!!" He yelled, stamping on the broken clock.  


The End

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